Wednesday, September 21, 2011

PIns and Needles 21 ~ Laos Brown Butterfly

Hey ya'll

I've been really quite meaning to write something here but I haven't quite had the time. Instead, whatever it is remains seated somewhere in the 'drafts' section of this blog. No matter, I do have something today and (I'm afraid) it is another specimens post.

Laos brown butterfly (lyssa zampa)
Though called the "Laos brown butterfly", lyssa zampa is actually a species of moth from the uraniidae family (often characterized by their almost butterfly-like appearance) that is fairly common in Malaysia around this time of the year. In fact, often when I get calls to "check out this large brown butterfly/moth I found", I almost instinctively know what to expect. 98% of the time, it is indeed lyssa zampa. The adults have a proboscis, unlike the equally large and impressive saturniids, which mean that they can feed, but the wings of these moths are so fragile (their scales so easily brushed off) that they seem to avoid flying whenever they can and are usually tame enough to coax onto one's palm. Conversely, one might be able to tempt the moth to feed, unfurling it's long proboscis in a frenzy, by dipping one's finger in some sort of sweet fluids and brushing them against the moth's fine antennae. The larvae feed on plants of the genus endospermum, though in all my years of observation I have yet to find any (it would be a joy raising such a beautiful moth, I believe!!!)

At any rate, things have pretty much slowed down around here and things have settled back to normal. Thesis on the way, final chapter drafted, all that's left is for me to actually find a day to sit down and finish it... which shall be...eventually. Till next time then. Adios

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