Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cat(people) vs. Dog(people)

Hey ya'll

Just some late night musing before I sleep. I know, I know it's already 12.50 and I shud've been in bed about twenty minutes ago but since I started this, I might as well finish it first. THEN I'll go to bed... promise. Anyway I was just thinking of something Terri said the other day, about dog people and cat people... and it would seem that you can tell a lot about a person's personality based on their preferred animal. Now, while I own a pair of dogs of my own, I've always seen myself to be more of a cat-person, indeed if it weren't for my parents (specifically mum's aversion towards felines) I would probably have two cats right now instead of two dogs. Though, that doesn't go to say that I love my dogs any less, just that I would've hoped for two cats instead. But I digress, so it would seem that a person's preferred pet is very much related to a person's personality as well. Now, perhaps one of the best things about dogs - and this is something many dog people will insist upon - is the tendency for dogs to be loyal, obedient and 'trustworthy' though... that's not to say that one cannot trust a cat, it's perhaps quite simply that a cat tends to be more... well, let's just say aloof. Now I suppose I could go on all night really, arguing about the pros and cons of keeping cats and dogs but that's not really what I have set out to do. Rather I suppose I'll just get straight to the point and say that dog-people tend to be people who require obedience. They require their animals to obey their orders, learn tricks and overall be extremely attached to them and only them. Cat-people on the other hand do not mind so much if they're animals stray. They are often detached and aloof people themselves and hence do not mind if their cats do not always come to them nor if their cats fail to stick constantly by their sides. Me, what I like about cats is their primal instinct, their overall retention of that predatorial drive that enables them to be independent of me, with just the right amount of affection put in here and there. No orders necessary, just two living things, sharing the same living space for certain mutual benefits. It seems overall a much more equal relationship compared with the dog-human dichotomy and, I know this is just my personal point of view but that is just the way I like it. Anyway speaking of cat-people... here's my take on Catwoman, in anticipation of Selina Kyle which will be portrayed by Anne Hathaway in the latest Batman movie which sort of explains the big black hair.

Kitty likes to scratch... meow.

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