Monday, July 4, 2011

Don't be Sorry you can't be perfect

I really don't understand what it is about you sometimes. Sure we all make mistakes, sure there are moments when these mistakes will be reprimanded by others... but you don't have to go all "I'll never be perfect to you"
 on me!!! I know we may have our differences, I know... there are times when our point of views differ so far and so wide that they almost seem irreconcilable... but you know what... there are also other things I do know!!! For example, I know how happy you've made me feel, I know how I don't ever feel alone or lonely anymore, I know I don't have to worry about the small little things that some take for granted like, wondering who I can spend my lunch hours with, or who I can feel so comfortable around as to have no qualms about performing natural bodily functions in front of!!! So yes, you may not actually be perfect... but then again who is? And let's not even begin to start pointing out MY flaws as the list would be just too extensive!!! So you see... my point is that you make me happy, you make me feel safe... so don't be sorry that you can't be perfect... don't you ever!!! Because nobody, ever, in my life has given me what you have given me for every single day for the past 5 months, and that's something you must know I'll never experience anywhere else again... because I love you. Despite all the differences, I do love you. I love you to bits and I know, that if anything were to happen to me right now I'd know for sure that I have given my heart to you as surely as you have given me yours back... and it may not be the perfect arrangement, but its all I need, it's all that's good enough for me.

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