Saturday, July 2, 2011

Itchy Fingers

Hey ya'll

I just realised its been weeks since my last sketch. So anyway I decided to go back to the basics and sketch what I see in nature for my field journal anyway. Here is today's artwork, the sketch of a appias libythea or Striped Albatross butterfly. Such a beauty.

Itchy fingers with the need to sketch can't stay still for long. 


Brittanie said...

This is beautiful! You draw them 10,000% better then I do. Where'd you learn to draw them so well?

Cyren said...

Hi Brittanie.

I guess you might have heard this before but... it really all comes through practice? Hahaha the trick with butterflies (for me) is to lightly sketch the patterns in, and then shade around them, darkening the areas where wing veins are needed.