Friday, July 29, 2011

Butterflies in LOMO!!!

Hey ya'll

so remember from a post ago I was going on and on about my new lomo camera and how awesome it was and how I couldn't wait to start taking pictures with it... naturally I went out into the wild the first thing I could and started snapping pictures of butterflies and their larvae, which is something that is fairly easy to do for me because I know where to find them around Sunway. Anyway I almost nearly quite forgot that the camera I was using is one of those cheap ones... the ones that don't focus or something so when I developed my roll of film, it appears I got a long set of very clear backgrounds instead... accompanied in the corners by very, very blurred insects. Check it out.

These two series of pictures was my (feeble) first attempts at capturing a living creature on lomo film. The butterfly is an Appias Libythea or striped Albatross female, I believe... and you can perhaps just make her out as an indistinct gray blur alighting on top of the flower in the first photogram, and an even more indescribable blur fluttering off the flower in the second.
I then headed off to my usual hunting grounds to look for the very large and impressive colony of Acraea Terpsicore butterflies and larva that I am so very used to finding there to get them to model for my shoot. Unfortunately there weren't much in terms of caterpillars but, a very beautiful male deigned to settle on the dried leaf for me to take his pictures. I also got one caterpillar. None of them turned out.

And that thing... the slightly dark-ish out of focus thing with the two orange-ish ends on the distinctly blurred vine in front of all the clear and in focus foliage... right there... on the top left is the caterpillar...
And while this is perhaps, unmistakeable for anything OTHER than a butterfly (or is it?)
But while all attempt at photographing insects seem to have failed (No MACRO photography... got it!) I seem to have managed quite well with my other photographs depicting buildings and humans... for shits and giggles, here they are

Monash Residences.
Our effervescent Saigoners
A cam-whoring yours truly.

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