Saturday, March 12, 2011

On Teaching and Butterflies

Hey guys!

So I just finished teaching my first class today and what a shocker it was that some of the "children" we were teaching were not "children" anymore but teenagers. You know that puts a whole new perspective in the way I do things because I always believe that teenagers should be treated as young adults. Anyway, without going too much into it, I will just say that the experience was extremely rewarding and all the children are so amazing! Of course, being an arts and drama class it was a little difficult to maintain order at times but in the end I think we managed them pretty well. I also learnt something new today and that is; the best way to deal with teenagers is to reason with them, as if they were young adults. Anyway in other news, another butterfly emerged today!
My little butterfly
You know, teaching these children is a lot like raising my butterflies. It takes up a LOT of my time and effort but the results always takes my breath away. Perhaps I can teach them that next week, the power of transformation, when they construct their own butterflies!!!

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