Saturday, March 12, 2011

I paint the wings of Butterflies!

 Hey guys!

As you may or may not know, my birthday is coming up! Normally 22nd birthdays aren't that big of a deal considering the big-deal birthday already came and went with the 21st but as far as birthdays in our family goes, it is just another reason for mum to make one of her deliciously mouth-watering cakes with the equally gorgeous sugar flowers and other decorations! Last year, for our 21st, mum made us a beautiful under-the-sea theme cake with a mermaid and a merman sitting on the top to represent our birth-signs of Pisces.

Mum's gorgeous and equally delicious under-the-sea themed cake.

This year's cake was equally challenging and elaborate, quite simply in the fact that she has taken it upon herself to make not one (for the two of us twins) but give us individual cakes ourselves! I've been told that my sister's cake is going to be the most elaborate yet, a Marie Antoinette/Princess themed cake with pink cushion base and baby blue words with sparkles. I opted for a more simple cake, red-velvet with cream icing but as usual, mum has to outdo herself in terms of decoration. I came back, late from my class yesterday to see a giant flower on our dining room table absolutely crawling with bugs. Sugared bugs, that is. There were bees and ladybirds and also, a particularly forlorn looking praying mantis which was eventually scrapped in favour of a butterfly. I, having just taught an arts class, had the priviledge of being asked to paint that butterfly.
sugared butterfly wings.
I initially went for a "patterned" look, with wing markings that mimic the real markings of "peacock butterflies" (Inachis Io) but eventually scrapped the idea in favour of a more "shaded" artistic sort of butterfly topped with gold and green edible glitter. And behold, the finished SUGAR BUTTERFLY!
Finished sugar butterfly
 In other news, I am really quite sorry for what happened in Japan lately. There's still been no word from Junki-kun and the rest of my host family and, for now, I can only continue to pray and hope for the best.

It feels so good to have this feeling again. In fact, it is this feeling, despite all the bad times, that make me continue believing.

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Nava.K said...

Lovely and so creative, love it.