Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My New Office!

Hey guys!

Like I'm super sorry for the long period of inactivity, but guess what?! I just moved into Honours this year and I've been given by OWN TABLE in my OWN OFFICE!!!! Seriously, like how cool is that right?! I mean I actually get to say things like "oh, come see me at my office later!" which, if you think about it can be pretty kinky as well, but no... So anyways this is my table.

Its a little sparse right now but I'm sure things will improve as the sem progresses
 So what you're seeing is a pretty standard office desk/cubbyhole I guess. I get my own personal computer (gone are the days when I had to fight for a spot to use one of the library computers) and I also get my own set of keys which open not only my lockers and the office door but gives me access to the print room as well! FREE PRINTING!!! UNLIMITED FREE PRINTING!!! Like could this get any better or not? Oh wait, yes it can! If you'll draw your attention to the small terrarium sitting on the corner of my table, yeap, the one with the pink cover.... well that terrarium contains none-other than Sting!!! Which is the office's unnoficial table-pet which, btw is a pet that you can put on your office table to look at when you're stoning from too much of academia. So anyway, here's a closer look at Sting.
The table-pet Sting!
Okay, so just some fun facts about Sting. Sting is what we call a Malaysian Forest Scorpion, they look a LOT like the more commonly sold (in the US) Emperor Scorpion but they can be differentiated by their longer, sharper pedipalps (Pincers) and their smaller size. Unfortunately, being of the Malaysian breed, he's also a LOT more aggressive than regular scorpions. Good news is, Malaysian Forest Scorpions are the least venomous of all scorpion species (in actual fact, out of all 1725 known scorpion species, only 25 are deadly to humans). But of course I can't let an ARACHNID steal the limelight! Just wait, when my little mantis nymph grows up into the impressive sized Chinese Praying Mantis that it is, it too shall take the limelight. Besides, Sting will only be with us for the first semester or so~ I'm guessing students are going to be pretty O__O when they come in for consultations...

There's somethin' bout love that breaks your heart, woah, oh oh oh~

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Anonymous said...

woww!! cool..i wish i had one of that scorpio...hahaha!

thank for your sharing about insect preservation... ^__^