Monday, April 1, 2013

Wild Sex

Hey ya'll

Today I'm going to talk about wild sex, and I mean literally, "wild" sex. For many humans, sex is a pleasurable, very intimate event that often takes place when two individuals develop a strong physical (sometimes emotional) attraction for each other. In the animal world, sex is really anything BUT intimate. In fact, most sexual encounters between animals are violent, forced, and sometimes downright disturbing! For example did you know:

  1. Cats have spines on their penises. This means that they literally end up "stabbing" the female from the inside out every time they withdraw! And you wonder why cats are so noisy during the mating season!
  2. And speaking of weird penises, did you know that ducks have penises too? Yep! It's long, and curly and falls off at the end of the mating season! But no worries, the ducks can always grow them back  during the next mating season and dig this: they can even make them 25% longer to compete with the size of other ducks!
  3. To accommodate the spiral penis of the male duck, female ducks actually have corkscrew cloaca (that's their pee-poo-egg holes) and the reason they do is that when a female is really into a male,  she will grind her body against his and what this does is that is allows his penis to go further and deeper within her.
  4. Wolves have penises that swell. This means that every time a pair of wolves copulate the male LITERALLY gets stuck inside the female and there he will stay until he can ejaculate which can take up to 30 minutes at a time!
  5. And last, but not least, Nautilus and some Octopuses have a modified tentacle that is really a detachable penis. This tentacle can break off from the male animal and swim around in search of a female. This has led many biologist to have considered the penis a separate organism. Looks like sharks are really the least of your worries huh? 

For more interesting (and maybe a little bit disgusting) but mostly funny wild sex facts, do check out Dr. Carin Bondar PhD or check out the Wild Sex youtube webseries. I'll even post the first episode here to start you off. 

*Wild Sex Updates
  1. Heliconius butterflies are sometimes known for cradle rape! Male butterflies generally emerge a lot earlier than females and often gather to camp on sites where female chrysalids are present. When the female emerges, the males all jump on her in an orgy of lepidopteran sex! They pry open her genitalia with their abdominal claspers and proceed to mate with her in a frenzy of wings! Even before her own wings are expanded! 
  2. In a related story, male heliconius butterflies also sometimes rape the females of other, but similar, butterfly species, and they sometimes do this when the female butterflies is still in her chrysalis. Since the genitalia of insects are often species specific, the trauma of the rape often ends up killing the immature female butterfly within. 
  3. A pig can orgasm for almost 30 minutes.
  4. Boars have a corkscrew shaped penis when they are aroused
  5. Chickens can sometimes have such fervent sex that the feathers surrounding the female's cloaca begin to fall off as a result of the friction and trauma. 
*last two courtesy of Tempus*


Tempus said...

There's so much more wild sex, and even farm sex if you are working with animals.

Boars have corkscrew-like penis when they are erected; while dominating cockerals can really fuck a hen up till all her feathers near her cloaca are gone.

The spinal penis of cat was rather new though!

Cyren said...

Hi Tempus

thanks for dropping by! I'll be adding your contributions to the wild sex updates! Thanks for the information!

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