Sunday, March 31, 2013

Name that Toad!

Hey ya'll!

So the gardener came over earlier today and found what I suspect might be mum's "mystery toad". We're still at a bit of an impasse as to what we should name it and have narrowed it down to

Puggle (Ray's suggestion)
Big Momma (Mum's suggestion)
Yo Momma (My suggestion)

Please cast your vote in the comment box below.

Latest update: We have released Puggle back into the garden as of yesterday night! I daresay he enjoyed his time while he was here but a wild toad should always be allowed to do what a wild toad does best! Hop about to its heart's content! I will always be leaving out a dish of worms for him every night though! Perhaps one day I shall see him again. (4/3/2013)


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