Monday, April 29, 2013

Love Insects, Love Life

Hey ya'll

today's post will be more of a rant and a personal call for action more than anything else. I realized if I don't speak up for the insects, no one will. Are you an insect lover yourself? If the answer is yes, then maybe it is time for us to raise our voices a little higher. These small, often overlooked, creatures form the basic building blocks of our existence! Despite all the talk of conservation and animal rights going on, not many people stop to consider the plight faced by many insects as a result of climate change, habitat loss, and general environmental degradation. It is time to understand that these living things are not "just bugs". I really hate to put it in such words, but if a species of monkey goes extinct, life would probably still manage to go on as it is... but if an entire species of bee, or wasp goes extinct, you can be sure that life would not longer be the same as we know it! The majority of our world's pollination activities are attributed to insects! In fact, many higher order of plants are pollinated by insects! Many of these plants are also species specific pollinators which means they are pollinated only by specific types of insects. It's a very simple equation, really: No pollination = no propagation of plant species = no more fruits and flowers! It is time to understand that these animals are not "just bugs". A world without insects is a world without plants and a world without life!

But I didn't just write here to rant. We can prevent this! The change begins with you! How? Observe these simple steps. 
  1. Do some research! Be observant of the world around you! What kinds of insects come and go in your neighborhood. What sorts of plants do they feed on? What can you learn about them? 
  2. Satellite Gardens. Cordon of small parts of your garden as an allocated space for insects! Plant the host plants of insect larvae (if you can identify them), and grow all sorts of flowering plants that wasps, butterflies, and bees can feed on! This way you will ensure that the insects always have a place to return to and a source upon which they can rely for food! In our rapidly developing world, where vast plains of vegetation are constantly being cleared in the name of progress, these small sanctuaries may be all that's left for the insects at the end of the day. 
  3. SPREAD the word! The more satellite gardens we provide, the more we can ensure the insect's survival! If you are a student, speak to your school administrator about this. Speak to your friends, your neighbors, anyone who will listen. Together, we can make a difference. 

Love all animals, love insects, love life. 

Autumn leaf butterfly (doleschallia bisaltide) eclosing


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