Monday, June 18, 2012

What we really do... (Lepidopterist)

Hey ya'll 

so there's always been some confusion, I feel, about the general public and their perception of the "work" lepidopterists do. Indeed when I meet people who've come upon my blog for the first time, I am often asked the question: so exactly what is it that you "study" about butterflies. Well, the truth is... everything!!! Or rather, everything I possibly can with what knowledge and (limited) scientific background I have. It could be something as straightforward as observing their behavioral habits in the wild, to something more personal, like raising their larvae and breeding them in captivity for conservatory purposes. Indeed, at times (though not often admittedly) it is more "heavy" with all sorts of reading and research to just know more in general about the species. Anyway, I was dealing with some of these questions the other day when I inexplicably thought about the "What we really do" meme that has been circling the internet. When a quick google search turned up nothing for lepidopterist associated memes, I decided that it was about high time I made one myself. And that is exactly how I wasted my time what I did all this morning!!! You will excuse the uneven coloring and lack of shading but I am without my photoshop for the time being (an artist with only Microsoft Paint to work with is like a starving man being offered breadcrumbs!!!), but perhaps this will give you some humorous insight into what it really means to be a lepidopterist. 

ps. The last panel is my salute/tribute to the wonderful online community whose generosity and camaraderie in terms of sharing knowledge, information and ideas, has been most appreciated and valued throughout the years!!! Thanks guys!!!



savante said...

Well the pic of the fellow stabbing the butterfly was funny :) Though a bit disturbing. Always wondered what you guys did though.

Brittanie said...

Ohhhh I loved it!! Hilarious!! Not to mention absolutely adorable!! Inspired me even more to start re-practicing drawing my butterflies. Haven't done so in a while. ^^

Cyren said...

Hahaha glad you guys liked it!!!

@Brittanie: show me!!! It is sometimes quite difficult to get the wings to be symetrical, so my advice when doing Nature sketches is to draw the butterfly in its "resting" position. :) Or work on one side of the wings first and then replicate the other side in the comfort of your own home. It sometimes helps to photograph the butterfly, or temporarily capture it in a jar (placed in a cold room) so that you can instill a certain level of "cooperation" with your model.

Of course, when you are done, reward it with some syrup before sending it on its way :P