Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Hey ya'll

The first of the butterflies have started to come off the spreading board today and I must say that they took my breath away! Having been a butterfly collector for several years now, I've come to regard the family Papilionidae as one of my favorites, and over the years have come to admire and appreciate the beauty of many South American species in the family. The Cattle Hearts, or parides, are one of my favorites. The sleek long wings characteristic of Papilionidae butterflies, colored a deep velvety black, broken only by the splashes of vibrant reds (for which they are named), greens and blues, truly make this butterfly species a sight to behold and as I removed the tracing paper that held their drying wings in place today, I could not help but take in a deep breath of satisfaction and disbelief. Here they were, in all their glory... some of the species of butterflies that are coveted by butterfly collectors (what more Papilionidae specialists/lovers) from all over the world. 

Parides lysander (Picuroy acu, Amazon River, Loreto Peru)
Parides vertumnus (Picuroy acu, Amazon River, Loreto Peru)
Parides arcas (Costa Rica)
Parides agavus (Argentina)
Parides erlaces (Peru)
Parides anchises (Picuroy acu, Amazon River, Loreto Peru)
The feeling of spreading these butterflies, and adding them to my collection will arguably be rivaled only by the addition of the Ornithoptera birdwings, that I shall be "unveiling" soon! This is definitely turning out to be quite an exciting week!!!


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