Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Every Lepidopterists Dream

Hey ya'll

I really wanted to save this post for tomorrow but the moment I removed these Ornithoptera from the spreading board, well I just couldn't control myself!!! Ornithoptera, surely one of the most coveted of all butterflies for any Papilionidae lover and now I have here my very own pair, beginning with the nominate species Ornithoptera priamus (Common/Green Birdwing) and the much rarer Ornithoptera rothschildi (Rothschild's Birdwing). So named for their enormous wingspans and avian-like flight, Ornithoptera are one of the largest butterflies in the world (although, O. Rothschildi turned out to be a lot smaller than I thought it would be). Can't express my elation and gratitude for having received such wonderful butterflies and it is only my deepest hope and dream to be able to be directly involved in their conservation someday. 

Ornithoptera rothschildi

Ornithoptera priamus poseidon

And so I will leave you for now, as I continue to marvel at these wonderful butterflies and imagine how they must have looked like, alive, and flying free, though in the meantime I will also reserve them a special place on my lepidoptera wall. 


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