Sunday, June 17, 2012

Honey, Honey~ Pet World Expo @ Mid Valley

Hey ya'll

School is finally out for the semester and that means that my time at work is also (about) finally over!!! Of course, I end the first semester of my stint as a sessional tutor at Monash University with a somewhat heavy heart (the students have certainly been an amazing bunch), but the other part of me just can't wait to enjoy my three weeks of rest and recuperation. Of course, part of that "resting period" will involve a lot of me getting back in touch with my delightful animal friends! And speaking of animal friends, the holidays could not have come at a more opportune time.  It all started today when I decided to bring Cookie along on an excursion to the 2012 Pet World exhibition at the Mid Valley Megamall convention hall. I had taken Cookie for a "ride" on my shoulder yesterday, and he behaved most admirably by not straying from my person at all times. As such, I felt reasonably confident about bringing him out today though (excusably), in the security of my waist pouch, and indeed he was so well-behaved it really exceeded my expectations. Not one moment of crabbing or a single "escape" attempt the entire outing!!! *ps. I think my gliders really do prefer to ride in waist pouches as opposed to the traditional bonding pouches when they get older. Something to do with more space to stretch out in, I suppose. Cookie has utterly rejected being placed into the bonding pouch. In fact, he objects to that particular arrangement with a passion!* 

Waking up for tea-time/treats

Somewhere in the middle of our little excursion, we also managed to procure a new addition to our little family. A beautiful baby female sugar glider that was going on offer for a price that could not be matched. That, and the fact that I have been contemplating getting Cookie a companion for some time now, eventually sold the idea to me and before I knew it, I was cradling my new darling Honey gently in my cupped palms. Cookie reacted to this arrangement most agreeably, which I take as a good sign but as a precaution I will not be introducing them until they are roughly the same size (so those of you who wish to request for babies... WAIT! I'm not running one of those deplorable suggie mills here...). Honey, unlike her namesake, has a pretty crabby disposition though and by that I don't simply mean that she can get crabby at times. Now, I've heard of moody gliders, but she is actually the first who pounces and takes little bite out off my hand (even when I'm feeding her in a seemingly calm fashion). Oh well, nothing that good old-fashioned love and patience can't overcome I'm sure!!! Oh, and I nearly forgot...

Honey! Named after my favorite organic sweet-treat!

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