Saturday, November 26, 2011

Trap in a Reverie (Ray)

Darkness dawned over the horizon as stars started to speckle through the vast sky. The lagoon was still, no signs of anyone. In the distance, bullfrogs began their mating call, loudly belching which supposedly should sound melodious to their potential mate. I took it in all these beauties, all these little things of life that made it perfect. Gradually, I shuffled into my room, reluctantly picking up another psychology textbook. The deadline was closing in and I knew I should not waste any more time. Yet, my mind wouldn’t permit the sentences I was reading to enter into my long-term memory.

I pulled back. “Long-term memory?” I had definitely read too much. Unable to bear the torment any longer, I threw the book to the floor and myself onto the bed. I sighed. I did not want my life to be bound by books but these books were my one-way ticket to my dream, my goal. I had been reading the entire day and my mind was full of psychological terms. One of the subjects I had to study was Motivation and Emotion. It wasn’t exactly the world’s most exciting book to read but I recalled a paragraph amidst the tome, stating that any attempts to successfully perform an action would be in vain if one does not have the motivation to begin with – or was it something entirely different? I couldn’t care less at the moment.

My head started to spin and the bed somehow embrace me as I slowly lost my consciousness. Blurry imageries suddenly appeared in my vision. “Looks like I’m dreaming,” I remarked to myself. I concentrated on focusing on my dream until the picture became clear and then, I realized I was on an open field with grass swaying around me as if they were waving at me. The field was stark, the sky was cloudless, and I came to the realization that my mind lacks imagination.

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Kaylex (CK) said...

Beautifully written. :D