Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pins and Needles 32 ~ Smashing Swallowtails pt. 2

Hey ya'll!!!

That's it! I'm officially done, which means I now have the arduous task of posting all I've been putting off thus far. Anyway as you might have gleaned from the snippets I left in my previous post, I've recently come upon a cache of swallowtail specimens and have been absolutely DYING to post them up here well... seeing as to how I've had more time than I can handle these past few days, I took the opportunity of cataloging them and what not, so here they are! 

Papilio memnon
Atrophaneura coon doubledayi
Atrophaneura varuna
Atrophaneura nox
As you can see, I've gotten a little bit obsessed over swallowtails recently, especially the Atrophaneura genus of red-bodied swallowtails (their bodies are red because of the poisons they sequester from the plants they eat). Anyway, I consider the nox to be one of the prizes in my collection so far. Atrophaneura nox or the Malayan Batwing (not to be confused with the birdwing butterflies) is considered a threatened swallowtail species and it is my goal in the future to extend my breeding project to such a beautiful butterfly with hopes of rehabilitating it into the wild. I really love the way the velvety blue stands out in contrast to the other darker portions of the wing. It's a pity the specimen suffered a few tears though, or it would have been perfect. Anyway, just sharing some of the more exotic, if somewhat less prolific, butterflies of Malaysia. Hoping someday someone will come upon this blog, read what I have wrote and come to appreciate wildlife on a whole new level. Anyway, more posts coming up soon, but until then~ 

Make of our hands, one hand
Make of our hearts, one heart
Make of our vows, one last vow
Only death will part us now.

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