Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pins and Needles 30 - Smashing Swallowtails

Hey ya'll

I just finished drafting my intro (which, incidentally is the last part to my dissertation) so I'm taking the opportunity to do some quick specimens update here.  Some of these specimens were insects I've collected many months ago but seeing as to how I've just re-sorted many of them into their respective boxes I just wanted to show you some of the beautiful swallowtail butterflies I've got so far.

Papilio iswara
Papilio helenus
Papilio polytes (male)
Papilio polytes (stichius form female). The interesting thing about this specimen is her slightly smaller left hind wing. The females mimic the poisonous common rose swallowtail. Observe.
Atrophaneura aristolochiae
Atrophaneura varuna
Meanwhile I've never felt so relieved in awhile!!! Parents gone, sister gone, house to myself, and seemingly all the time in the world to finally relax and recuperate. Here's to hoping that Dr. Andrew doesn't find too many things wrong with my first chapter!!! Anyway it's about time I caught up with my re-watching of the Nanny. Also I can't wait to have Ray over so we can play house again! Till next time

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