Monday, January 7, 2013

To Kuching and Beyond

Hey y'all

It's me, your friendly neighborhood conservationist and amateur lepidopterist signing in on my last day in the great city of "cats" and "roundabouts", Kuching, Sarawak. It is incidentally also my first time here and I must say I have already begun to like this town (enough to miss it anyway) during my relatively short five day stay. Belatedly I also realize that this is the first time I will be blogging from my phone so I hope you will excuse any fault in layout that might crop up as a result.

My trip across Sarawak thus far has been most eventful and I must say that I have never quite seen so many wild animals in one place as I have seen here. But because it is getting late and I must get some sleep before I catch my buss in 8 hours or so, I will let my photographs do most of the talking. The photos are uploaded in chronological order (I can't seem to upload and caption them individually from here and am currently too tired to try and figure out how) and detail my journey to the Wind Cave, Jong's Crocodile Farm and Zoo, Semmengung Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and Sanctuary, Matang Wildlife Center, and last but certainly not least, the waterfall trail at Kubah National Park.

No specimens were collected this trip (these are protected forests that I ventured into and I have nothing but respect for conservation laws). We were also quite lucky in being able to spot the orang Utan and her baby despite the fact that it was raining on that day and that we arrived in the height of the fruiting season (the Orang Utans venture further and deeper into the forest during these rainy months) but were not so lucky during our search for the Rafflesia. Apparently we missed the blooming by just a few days. Oh well, I guess we can't always be lucky. But there is always Miri.

Anyway, until I get to our next pit stop in Sibu (and hopefully, a proper computer with which I can write with), goodnight and peace out.

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