Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pit Stop at Sibu

Hey y'all

It's me again, this time signing in from Sibu (which is incidentally, Ray's hometown). To be absolutely honest, there is nothing much to see or do in this quaint little town but the bright side is that I can finally head out to one of the public parks (Bukit Aup Jubilee Park) and get on with my collecting! Unfortunately for me, weather here has not been kind, and we found ourselves stuck in the middle of what appeared robe a light drizzle that progressed rapidly and without warning into a torrential downpour. We barely made it back to the sheltered hut in time where we spent the next hour or so feeding the fish and watching water birds defecate into the already murky lakes (something about the rain must make then want to fly over the body of water and relieve themselves).

Still, the trip was not a total loss as I did manage to bag a couple of butterflies before the storm hit us and, now that I know what to look out for, can easily return to these few specific spots tomorrow to test my luck again. But aside from the butterflies and parks, it is also nice to get to know the people Ray grew up with in their own home. I dare say I am making quite an impression on the relatives here. Now, if only I could also get past the language barrier, everything would be alright!!! But I say it all in jest! I couldn't be any more grateful to his wonderful family for putting me up here for the next few days, especially since our next pit stop, Bintulu has been cancelled.

Not much photos this time, I'm afraid, but here's a bit of what I got.

Till next I write then,

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