Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Out of the Flying Plane, into the PhD Program.

Hey ya'll

I guess I just came here to say that I am back, in my home sweet home in KL, and that things are starting to go back to normal again. There is always the sense of holiday withdrawal syndrome, but since Ray has been putting up in my room for the past few days, I say that it really could be worse. He really does give me strength, and I am very thankful for every moment we spend together. Meanwhile, I've really started to get hooked onto this "blogging with the phone" thing. Sure I can't adjust the position of my pictures... But everything else seems so easy somehow!

But going back to the point, not everything will be going back to the way it was following my return to KL as this return also signifies the commencement of my enrollment into the Monash University PhD program. That's right... I have finally heard from both the Australian campus (regarding my admission) and the Malaysian one (regarding my full scholarship and stipend).

To be honest I must say I am simply quite terrified of the prospect at the moment! Nothing like a bunch of people reminding you that your future (for the next three years at least) is set in stone huh? Good job guys! Keep up the pressure. Only... It isn't really set in stone is it? And I always face the pressure of potentially screwing this up... But worse, disappointing or failing the community I intend to research. Oh Goddess give me the strength and foresight to see this through, and to never lose track of my goals! I will begin in March.

In the meantime, I guess I can still take a moment or two to put everything in order, and to enjoy myself (while I can!), starting of course with my dearest animal friends, and my insect collection. Cookie, at least, seems genuinely happy about having me home though, I am not sure if be is just happy about the resume of the constant flow of treats, or if he truly enjoys my company.

Until I have more then,

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