Saturday, January 12, 2013

Butterflies and Moths of Similajau National Park

Hey y'all

We leave for Miri in less than 12 hours and the end of our journey is finally in sight. Like all good things, the trip has finally neared its end and while I am most looking forward to cuddling with Cookie and being in my own bed again, I am accompanied by the same sense of melancholy I experience at the closure of every trip. It is quite tempting, sometimes, to just pack up and spend the rest of my life sight seeing or relaxing (like the main character in the book about the island of the Lotus Eaters) but, as we all know, these little trips cost money (quite a LOT) of money... I've very well spent at least a thousand for these two weeks of sight seeing and easy going travel across Sarawak but if you ask me, it was money well spent!

But if anything were able to lift my spirits it would be the butterflies we saw here in Bintulu, during the last few days of our journey, and it is their pictures that I shall leave you with while I make my final preparations for our last trip here in Borneo, to Miri. A lot of our trip was not planned and decided upon spontaneously, but if I had made prior preparations, I am sure we would have been able to witness so much more.


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