Saturday, April 7, 2012

MHR Colony pt. 5 ~ Black or White

Hey ya'll 

so I have been aware that my roaches have been molting en masse lately (I know because the cage floor was littered with nibbled bits of exuvia these past few days) but I have not actually seen the process happening. Indeed though I found evidence of their molts I did not even manage to see any of the roaches in their soft and white forms... until today, that is!!! 

Madagascar hissing cockroach displaying "white color" post-molt form
Personally I thought that the roaches looked rather fetching in their white outfits, but Jeremy commented that they freaked him out and reminded him of giant sized creepy termites and that he hoped it would "turn brown soon"! >.< Oh, I suppose all have different preferences and tastes, but alas, this beautiful white coloration IS only temporary and the roach in question is already starting to darken as we "speak". In the meantime, I'll be  turning in early tonight as it is an early start tomorrow for the rituals and traditions of the "Ghost Festival!!!" Sounds exciting doesn't it? Well, it's really quite not. =) Till our next update (and I do have something positively exciting to show you)

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