Sunday, April 1, 2012

Anthologies of Keric the Arachnid pt. 9 ~ Sharp and Daper

Hey ya'll 

Just a quick shout out before lunch. 

I started photographing Keric again (my little model!) as he recovered from his recent molt and I must say that tarantulas are the BEST to photograph during this period when their exoskeleton starts its hardening process again... their colors seem extra bright and vibrant somehow! I've been looking at Keric's molts until my eyes turn red with magnifying glasses and all other sorts of equipment in an attempt to "sex" him (I'm still hoping I got it wrong with the gender and that he will in fact turn out to be a "she") but considering the size of the molt... this is proving to be a most daunting task!!! But regardless of Keric's actual gender, raising spiders is still quite a rewarding process and who knows, I might be expanding my retinue in the near future!!! Stay tuned for updates. The other thing I wish to report is that my woodlice have seemed to start breeding. Already!!! I transferred the toadlets and their tankmates/meals on legs into a new container today, one that would retain moisture more effectively than the mesh-top tank and discovered (underneath the water bowl) a mother wood lice and her brood of white colored, minuscule offspring surrounding her. I tried my best not to disturb them as I transferred the soil over but they scattered into the new dirt once I did. No pictures though, as they were really too small to be photographed. In the meantime, take a look at Keric, handsome devil that he is. 


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