Friday, April 20, 2012

Butterflies of Fraser's Hills pt. 2

Hey ya'll 

How time flies. It seems like just yesterday that New Year's Eve was just around the corner and now here we are... almost through with the month of April! Life goes on, as they all say, but it is rather scary thinking about how many months have passed and how one barely even notices it! Those are the seconds of our lives if you think about it which is rather scary when you put things into perspective... which is why I made a decision today to step away from all other obligations to focus on what I want out of life!!! Sounds like a pretty good choice, I know, but we'll see how it works out for me in the long run! Trying not to be too optimistic here, but what would be the point of being pessimistic anyway? In other news, though ironically this is the main purpose for today's update, the last of the butterflies have come off of the spreading board which probably means (for you, the readers as much as for me) that we will be going through another butterfly hiatus for the time being. I'm still trying to get my hands on those Attacus atlas pupae though so maybe we'll come back to lepidoptera for a bit when I begin breeding my moths... but ANYWAY, before I digress much further: Ladies and Gentlemen, for your viewing pleasure, from the tropical Rainforests of Fraser's Hill... I present to you: 

Hebomoia glaucippe
Appias nero
Graphium doson
Graphium agamemon which is incidentally my favorite of the graphium sp. I think I did a better job with spreading the second specimen I caught though, which is a pity, because this is the one with BOTH its wing tails intact.
Graphium agamemnon see what did I tell you. 

Also included in this collection, although I did not find it up in the mountains but in my own front yard, is the five barred swordtail I caught earlier this week. These truly are a beautiful species of butterfly so it is quite a pity that this one turned out to be so tattered... which reminds me... I am STILL on the lookout of my beloved, but proving to be oh so elusive, Papilio demolion!!!

Graphium antiphates
In addition to all of this, I would also like to inform you guys about the new album on my Facebook profile entitled C's Critters which you can go to (it is a public album) to see the pictures of all the animals currently in my ever-growing menagerie! Note, I am still trying to organize the "Insect Awareness Week" and draft my proposal for a butterfly garden in Sunway so please stay tuned for those. Meanwhile, I am really having trouble wrapping my head around the administrative side of all of this so anyone who would be able to help me... well, I'd greatly appreciate your contribution.

Butterfly collection from Fraser's Hill (minus the Banded Puffin Appias pandione lagela and the moth Kranada lucidaria which are both stored in a separate container). 

Take what you must, and give more than you take.


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Anonymous said...

dead butterflies scare me although they look beautiful...

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