Thursday, November 11, 2010

Little Pinheads of Joy!

First and foremost, EXAMS ARE DONE! So that means I'm finally saying goodbye to university unless I plan to do Honours of course but still, another chapter, succesfully lived through! On a more depressing note my desktop PC died recently so although I have a couple more butterfly sketches that I want to share here that seems a little bit impossible right now with the non-working-state of the scanner (which is attached to the desktop btw). On another note, CATTERPILLAR EGGS hatched today although, I started of with two but one is nowhere to be seen. Could it be that one caterpillar came out earlier and cannibalized its siblings? I sure hope not but I have read that it has been known to happen... oh dear. Anyway today is going to be a short post because I plan to give myself (and presumably you too) a break and because my camera does not have a good enough MACRO function I've just stolen these caterpillar pics of google.
They truly are something to behold and each caterpillar is less than 3mm when it hatches.
what a small little pinhead of joy!

This is not a competition
...and yet I won anyway

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