Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cough cough wheeze wheeze

Been terribly sick lately which kinda sucks since exams just ended and I really wanna be out there having fun... although in retrospect I suppose it would suck even more to be sick during exams and HAVING to study instead of rest and convelesce at my own time. I can't help feeling guilty though because I haven't been spending quite enough time with the parental units lately and the closest interaction I got with my mother today was when I went to take some medication from her... I suppose I could always make it up to them by going out someday for dinner or something. On a separate note I've given up fixing my main desktop computer (where my scanner is attached to) which is unfortunate because I have a lot of pictures I want to share with you but I guess for now a picture of a picture will have to suffice.

Latest sketch of one of my babies

Okay so the picture quality is not that great but let's be frank the light in my room has been a little bit dimmed as of late and I haven't really taken the time to change it, I guess I do sort of like the dimmness of the light and the low warm orange glow, helps set the mood you know. Mood for what, God only knows. Anyway I have the original photo of the butterfly (upon which this sketch was based) that I took during the daylight hours before releasing it into the wild.
Lime Swallowtail Butterfly (P. Demoelus)

Isn't he beautiful? Okay I'll admit the proportions in my sketch are a little bit off but I kinda screwed up with the patterns on the lower wing and had to extend it by coloring it black. Anyway speaking of things I have to do during the holidays I suppose I should start looking for someone to care for the breeding cages while I'm off to Cambodia in December and while I'm at it, figure out exactly what it is I want to do with the rest of my life. Michael mentioned something about a job as an educationist at the Penang Butterfly Farm and I must admit I am rather intrigued. Accomodation seems cheap, transportation provided and the pay is reasonable as well, plus it will be combining the two things I really want to do in life : Butterflies AND Education! Not sure how the parental units will react to that though but we'll see. I guess it also depends on whether or not I get that full-hounours scholarship which will allow me to delay working for just another more blissful year of uni life. You fellow college/uni students out there, quit yer gripping and make full use of the time you have left... then again I suppose the griping is what adds to the charm of university. :)

I'm famous for my motivational skills! Everyone says that they have to work a lot harder when I'm around ;)

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