Monday, November 8, 2010

Butterfly Fairy Art

Hello again!!!

So the studying has not really been going so well, I swear Media Text is beginning to seem like the most redundant and uninspired of all my Arts units ever!!! (Although that could perhaps be in part due to my lack of class attendance resulting in the minus of 10% from my overall grade thus reducing my chances of an Honour's scholarship next year *grumbles*). Anyway, speaking of arts, and since I seemed to have rekindled my love for drawing things from Nature again quite recently, I decided to share with you all a series of artworks that I have created over the past few years and while generally this is not an ART blog (more of an online field journal remember?) I suppose the artworks are still rather in keeping with the theme of butterflies and insects... indeed I am proud to present my Butterfly Fairy series! The wings of these fantastical fairies were drawn and colored in keeping with the wings of very real butterflies! Indeed their names were often derived from the latin (scientific) names of the butterfly species. Science and Arts coming there's intertextuality for you! And here they are, for your viewing pleasure

Butterfly Fairy Queen Menelaus (Blue Morpho Butterfly, S. America)

Butterfly Fairy Prince Albescens (Rajah Brooke's Birdwing Butterfly, Malaysia)

Butterfly Fairy Shaman Ornithoptera (Queen Alexandra's Birdwing, Papua New Guinea)

Butterfly Fairy Sorceress Rose (Common Rose Butterfly, most countries in Asia)

Butterfly Fairy Captain Atalanta (Red Admiral Butterfly, N. America)

Butterfly Fairy Healer Eurytides (Yellow Swordtail Butterfly, The Americas)

Butterfly Fairy Hunter Sangaris (Red Heart Butterfly, Africa)

Butterfly Fairy Dancer Kallima (Indian Leaf Butterfly, East, South and Southeast Asia)

And I guess that concludes this post on Butterfly Fairy Art. In other news, my caterpillars have molted through to their fourth instar and I am beginning to suspect that two of them are of Polytes butterflies with more eggs and new arrivals on the way. Now, if only I could get back to studying.

I recall memories of scenes in my old classrooms where teachers would award students with candy/chocolate for good performance. They would have the kids literally clamoring! ... what a bunch of circus animals we were then and I'm not sure if it is really a good method for positive action enforcement in children though... if the system works, why fix it right?

"very good Timmy, now let's see if you can balance that Math textbook on your nose!"


Arbaayah Zain said...

Very inspiring ...! Keep it up!

Arbaayah Zain said...

Very inspiring ...! Keep it up!