Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Transforming Work into Art

Hey ya'll 

I often get really down and out with myself when I go through a full day's work and have nothing to show for it. Along comes this program called MouseTracker (or MouseTracer, or something like that) which actually RECORDS your mouse movements and turns it into... well, some form of art! The mouse tracker records the activity of your mouse and turns it into images. Straight lines for movement. Black dots for when the mouse is stationary and white dots for the intensity of each click. Now you may think this is quite boring (what kind of "art" can be composed by just lines and dots?) but here it is... 

A physical representation of my workload for the day. 
Pretty nifty huh? Now I get a physical representation of my accomplishments everyday! Remind me to upload the link for you to download the program and try the next time I update. Much love to ya'll.


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