Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Entomophobia - a common fear of or aversion to insects and similar arthropods,

Insects really have it bad.. when they're not being yelled at, they're being stomped, or squished, or swatted or sprayed... and all for what... because of their misunderstood nature... because... people don't know how amazing they really are. Or... or maybe they do... maybe they just don't care. Maybe its just because of their ferocious appearances... the ever-too-many-legs and the shifty way they scuttle across the linoleum counter-top or beat their leathery, scale-laden wings against our florescent lights. Maybe its just the idea that they creep within the dirt, the bowels of the earth through the rotting vegetation of peat... Its unfortunate really, because even insects that grow to be beautiful, wonderful things with magnificent wings often start their lives out as these despised and feared creatures... but at least they outgrow their ugliness...molt after molt after molt until one day, the beautiful lepidoptera emerges.  I guess beauty IS really only skin deep.... some 5 to 6 layers of it. Insects... after plants and vegetation, the world's existence lies solely in their hands and yet most of us would crush them beneath our heels without so much as a blink...without so much as a stab of remorse... but I guess its a tough world we live in... and no matter what anyone may say, that's just the nature of people... of humans.. And I suppose things don't get any easier for you, when you have a face only a mother... well, a father, could love... 

My poor babies. Poor, poor babies, I won't let them hurt you. 

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