Monday, February 24, 2014

Dr. Carin Bondar of Wild Sex brings us - Ode to the Female Bedbug

Hey ya'll

Super sexy, super beautiful Biologist with a Twist, Dr Carin Bondar of Wild Sex is back! This time with a lesson on the traumatic mating habits of bedbugs in the form of this awesome music parody video. The song: "I Don't Want to Love Again" is sang in the style of Pink's "We Can Learn to Love Again"

Bedbug sex is traumatic. It's so violent that it's actual scientific description is 'traumatic insemination'. You see, males use their razor-sharp 'penises' to stab their sperm into a females' body. They do not stab it anywhere near the females' genital opening either. Sperm that has been 'traumatically inseminated' will travel through the lymphatic system to the ovaries.

This is an unfortunate reality for female bedbugs. So, I wrote them this song. I hope they like it.

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Anthony James Saunders said...

WTF evolution?! Hahahahaha. Just brilliant and very educational!!