Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Reviews of a Poke'mon Entomologist: Vivillon

Hey ya'll 

So Nintendo just announced a couple of new things recently in conjunction with the Poke'mon franchise, and in addition to the news of a new type being introduced (it is Fairy, btw), two new species of Poke'mon have alos been added to the mix one of which is the pretty butterfly Poke'mon, Vivillon. Vivillon is described on the official Poke'mon website as a beautiful butterfly Poke'mon that can perform status attacks by dislodging the scales on its wings, or create strong gusts of wind. The description of it is fairly typical, as far as bug Poke'mon go and Vivillon is pretty standard in this regard. In terms of its name I can only guess that it combines the words "Vivid" and "Papillon" (which is French, for butterfly) or "Papillio" (which is the latin name for swallowtail butterflies) literally meaning a brightly colored butterfly Poke'mon. It recycles many traits that are pretty standard of previous butterfly-moth Poke'mon and seems to particularly embody physical aspects of generation 1's Butterfree and generation 3's Beautifly. Vivillon's type is purpoted to be Bug and Flying which, again is not particularly remarkable as many Bug Poke'mon share that typical combination. Part of me is hoping, however, that Nintendo will do a surprise switcheroo at the end and maybe give it a more unique type casting, perhaps Bug and Psychic, or maybe even Bug and Fairy. Having said that I am quite psyched by the appearance of this poke'mon as it marks the return of the butterfly-moth that was introduced in almost every installment of the poke'mon game save the latest Black-White edition.  Am definitely going to give Pokemon X and Y a go when it comes out later in the year, even if it means having to buy a whole new console for it. Which brings me to the question: anyone have second hand Nintendo 3DS for sale? 

ps. if you haven't yet noticed it, check out the animated Vivillon that now inhabits my side bar! Pretty nifty huh? 

Cheers, Cyren

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