Sunday, December 2, 2012

Skin Crawling

Hey ya'll 

The sight of large, hairy, eight legged creatures often makes most people's skin crawl! But for some of us, there is nothing more fascinating and riveting than watching one of our Arachnid friends crawl out of their skins! Especially when said arachnid is a tarantula! A tarantula molting is a sign that its about to get a bit bigger, and I'm sure all tarantula enthusiasts will agree with me when I say that it is always an exciting moment to know that your little baby is on its way to becoming a majestic and iconic creature!!! Anyway, as I am well aware, not many people share that passion and some who are somewhat interested, may not be ready to actually come face to face with the real thing and so, as always, I feel a need to make this blog a "safe" place where some of the more daring entomophobes/arachnophobes can come by and slowly explore these rather beautiful aspects of their fears. I mean a tarantula, when one thinks about it, is often a ferocious and rather angry looking creature. But when it is molting, it seemingly transforms into a creature quite different from its usual self. Soft, and pink, and vulnerable. Kind of like a baby!

I would also like to give my dearest sister credit for overcoming her fears and witnessing the event live when it happened! You go girl! I suppose prolonged exposure (however indirect) to me and my lifestyle gradually removes all fear of invertebrates from most people ^^


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