Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wings of Paradise FIRST SALES!!!

Wings of Paradise Mascot, Ageha

Hey guys!

My self-made little business Wings of Paradise just made its first sale! Just a little introduction, Wings of Paradise is a small business that I set up, my products; anything butterfly related of course! And these include butterfly prints, fairy post-cards, butterfly crafts etc. but the speciality, or "main-event" you could say, of Wings of Paradise is the butterfly-winged jewellery which are basically pendants and earrings made out of the wings of dead butterflies! Of course you might now say, as a butterfly lover how can I possibly go around killing butterflies to use their wings for jewellery. The answer is, I don't of course! I repeat, no butterflies were harmed, killed or injured in anyway in the construction of said jewellery and this is something which I constantly reassure my clients. The wings used in my jewellery line were all collected from dead butterflies, some that I find in the wild, others from parks, most from my own personal breeding collection. The butterflies that die of natural causes in my outdoor enclosure often suffer little or no wear and tear to their wings - being protected from predators, the elements and what not and therefore are perfect to use for my jewellery line. The butterfly wings are collected upon the natural death of the insect, clipped and then put into a large box where there are sorted. Perfect or undamaged wings are separated, from the mildly damaged ones but all overly torn wings are discarded. They are then carefully laminated in a clear and firm layer of plastic which ensures that the wings remain durable enough to be worn on a daily basis. If taken care of carefully, Wings of Paradise pendants will last for years on end!

As par my personal aims, Wings of Paradise is more than just a little means to keep some small cash in my pocket but also a way in which the beauty of butterflies and moths may be spread to the world. Along with each piece of jewellery purchased from me is a small placard with the basic information on the insect species that the customer will be wearing including the common name of the butterfly, its latin name, country of origin, food/host plants and a small little fun fact on the particular species. The price range varies from butterfly to butterfly depending on its species and, of course, rarity and can go from as low as RM8 a wing to RM40 (Morpho Menelaus) though selection of the products all depends on the stock I have at hand. Anyway, the three pendants I have sold thusfar:
Bluebottle Butterfly (Graphium Sarpedon)
forewing pendant (RM10 each)

Malay Lacewing (Cethosia Biblis) forewing and
hindwing Pendants (RM8.00 each)

**One interesting fact, I have found out that although the bodies of dead butterflies decompose like any other insects, their wings are a lot more durable. The box of unlaminated wings that I have stored thusfar for over a year are very much still in pristine condition - untouched by any parasitic pests or fungi!**

If you are interested or would like to enquire about anything, feel free to place your requests at I do not have a website up and running for this yet but I will probably set one up soon. Note, as I do not harm any living butterflies for this (nor do I hunt them in the wild) all pendant designs are subject to species availlability of whatever I am currently breeding. Thanks.

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